Welcome to soul integration... a journey of discovery, personal healing and growth

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The goal of soul integration is to develop your relationship with your inner wisdom, aligning your self with your essential nature and welcoming home parts of you that may have become dislocated or lost, perhaps due to trauma, addiction or illness. The work helps bring your feelings, thoughts and actions into coherence with your soul's essence and highest good.

There's more to life than coping and surving -- thriving is our birthright! For some of us, however, thriving is a skill that must be remembered.

I believe the answers you seek are within you, and that you are uniquely capable of healing any problem you have. I'm a guide, witness and support on your journey of remembering your wholeness.

You have control over our sessions: our pace, the content and the form of your soul journeys and what you choose to share. Often, strong emotional releases occur: these feelings may be uncomfortable, but you must always feel safe. Together, you and I will create safe and sacred space. We use a variety of techniques, including Reiki, energy work, Shamanic techniques, Soul Coaching (R) and intuitive counseling to heal the past and shape the present.

I developed soul integration during my own healing journey. These are techniques I have found personally helpful. I hope you will, too.