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My Philosophy

I believe the answers you seek are within you, and that you are uniquely capable of healing any problem you have. I'm a guide, witness and support on your journey of remember your wholeness.

We are partners in this process. It's important to know that you have control over our sessions: our pace, the content and the form of your soul journeys and what you choose to share. Often, strong emotional releases arise: these feelings may be uncomfortable, but you must always feel safe. Together, you and I will create safe and sacred space, and you are free to change or question that at any time.

Session Length

The first session is often ninety (90) minutes. Subsequent sessions are typically sixty (60) minutes. My fee is $90 per hour. It's my goal to begin and end our sessions on time. I'm also available between sessions for scheduled follow up and support as needed.


Our work is private and confidential. Unless obligated by law, I will not divulge anything to anyone that you and I have not agreed upon in advance.


This work is not psychotherapy, although many people find the process a supportive adjunct to other therapies. If you and I sense that deeper therapeutic or diagnostic work will be more helpful, I can help make a referall to another practitioner.

What Happens During a Session?

I do several types of work:

  • Denise Linn's 28-day Soul Coaching(r) program, which I highly recommend
  • Guided meditations in the form of soul journeys, shamanic journeys and past life regressions
  • Reiki, energy work and chakra clearing
  • Intuitive counseling and support

We ususally begin the session by discussing any issues that are currently important to you. Sometimes we may spend the whole session talking: that is up to you! Together we determine the intention for your session and will ask for the support of your higher power, guides, guardians, ancestors etc. to assist us on our journey.

You remain fully clothed for the entire session. For energy work, shamanic work and Reiki, you generally lie face up on a massage table. I will place my hands on your body (over your clothes) in the traditional hand positions of Usui Reiki and/or the Chelation techniques of Rosalind Bruyere. I will also work above your physical body in your energy field.

Generally the table work is relaxing and many people say they feel sleepy, although others remain fully conscious.

When the table work has been completed, I'll touch you lightly on the shoulder and offer you a drink of water. Take some time to integrate the session. You many want to set aside the next couple of hours for your own processing.

After the Session

Soul integration and energy work can be powerfully transformative, and emotional releases are common and to be expected. It's important to establish a support network of people who understand what you may be going through. I'm available between sessions to follow up as agreed.

Thank you for your trust. It's a sacred honor to support you.